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Small Business News


A Customer’s Complaint Is a Gift

Customer feedback is the lifeblood of any business, but you need a process to do it justice.


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Making the move from the street to a bricks-and-mortar location


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NFIB "Small Business Certified" Campaign Sweeps Away Politicians' Smoke and Mirrors

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Help Nearby Customers Discover Your Business

Location-based apps can put your business in the right place at the right time


NFIB Urges House to Pass Package of Bills

National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Vice President of Public Policy Amanda Austin made the following statement i...


Policing Employees' Use of Social Media

Should online comments be cause for termination?


Meet the Young Entrepreneurs Who Will Run Tomorrow’s Top Businesses

NFIB recently awarded scholarships and national recognition to five students who proved they’re the future of business.


5 Marketing Tools that Will Help You Find the Right Customers

So many customers are online. Here’s how you find the needle in the haystack.


Four Small Business Owners Take D.C. Politics Into Their Own Hands

If you think small business owners can’t make a difference in politics, think again. These NFIB members hold office, run a bu...