Georgia Small Business Victories


  • 2014 Georgia Small Business VictoriesHere's a look at some of NFIB/Georgia's 2014 legislative victories:

    Stood Up to 'Big Labor'
    NFIB/Georgia successfully fought for legislation that strengthened Georgia’s right to work laws by protecting employees’ from union dues confiscation. NFIB also fought hard to pass a law preventing state and local governments from creating an uneven playing field for unions in public works projects. 

    Capped the State Income Tax
    We supported a ballot initiative to cap the state income tax rate at 6%. This constitutional amendment proposal will appear on the 2014 Georgia election ballot.

    Eliminated the 'Death Tax'
    NFIB/Georgia helped pass legislation eliminating Georgia’s estate tax, also known as the “death tax”.

    Succeeded in Repealing the Inventory Tax
    We successfully lobbied for the elimination of the state portion of the inventory tax resulting in a net savings of approximately $4 million per year.

    Fixed Unemployment to Protect Small Employers
    NFIB/Georgia has worked to pass important unemployment reforms that will help business owners avoid massive tax increases and save at total of roughly $90 million per year.

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