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  • NFIB Georgia Member Profile: Evans Tool & Die and Evans Metal StampingDee Barnes, president/CEO, says hiring key roles is both her biggest success and mistake.

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  • EPA Clean Power Plan's Impact on Georgia Families and BusinessesThe Clean Power Plan's implementation could cost about $150 billion per year.

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  • VIDEO: 3 Disturbing Healthcare TrendsSmall business owners, especially those with fewer than 50 employees, were repeatedly told they would not be affected by Obamacare. That's simply not the case.

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  • U.S. Restaurant Owners Warn Of Dire Consequences From $15 WageAcross the country, businesses expect negative effects from higher minimum wages.

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    Georgia Small Business Issues

  • Save Subcontractors and FranchiseesMillions of small subcontractors and franchisees are worried that because of a recent National Labor Relations Board ruling they could effectively lose their business to the new joint employer standards. This NLRB ruling fundamentally changes the joint employer rules and could be devastating to franchise and subcontracting businesses. Tell Congress to Save Subcontractors and Franchisees.

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  • Issues Facing Georgia Small Businesses

    Here are some of the issues NFIB/Georgia will be facing in the 2016 General Assembly:

    Fight costly health insurance mandates 
    NFIB will continue to fight efforts to increase mandated benefits on small business insurance plans that reduce flexibility and increase cost for business owners and their employees.

    Stop proposed wage and benefit increases
    NFIB is committed to stop any one-size-fits all government mandated proposed increases in minimum wage or mandated sick leave at the state level.

    Beat back trial lawyers attempts to expose small business to frivolous lawsuits
    NFIB will continue to fight efforts by plaintiff’s attorneys at the Gold Dome to open new avenues for lawsuits or erode important civil justice protections that could lead to more costly and unnecessary lawsuits against small employers.

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