Entrepreneur-in-the-Classroom (EITC) Programs

Introducing America’s youth to the importance of entrepreneurship

Our FREE curriculum makes it possible to introduce entrepreneurship to any high school classroom or after school program regardless of discipline. This curriculum enables students to learn first-hand about the risks and rewards of operating a small business. Entrepreneur-in-the-Classroom is composed of three modules, all of which contain teaching notes, PowerPoint presentations, and hands-on activities.

  • Module One examines the definition of entrepreneurship and small business, while providing an overview of the past and present small business environment.
  • Module Two delves into the steps and considerations involved with turning an idea into a business: identifying a passion or hobby that can provide a product or service, researching the market, and weighing the risks of starting a small business.
  • Module Three explores the nuts and bolts of starting a business: writing a business plan, obtaining funding, and learning about the agencies businesses interact with to become a legitimate entity.

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