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Wage & Hour


The Final Paycheck: Paying Terminated Employees on Time

There are two important issues that an employer must keep in mind when it comes to a terminated employee's final paycheck: When...

Human Resources


Video: How to Avoid Liability for Your Employees' Bad Driving

If your small business employees drive company or personal vehicles while on the job, you could be liable for their actions beh...


What Not to Wear This Summer: Improve Your Business' Image with a Dress Code

It's your new receptionist’s first day on the job. She dressed very professionally at her interview, but today she’s wearin...



Form I-9: Do I Need to Use One?

In general, the answer is yes for a business with even one employee. There is no small business exception for the Form I-9.



Workers' Compensation Laws - State by State Comparison

Learn the basics on workers compensation law requirements for your state and whether you need to carry workmans comp insurance ...


What Can Your Business Lawfully do to Avoid Unionization?

Our webinar walks you through the unionization process step-by-step, warns employers to avoid common pit-falls, and explains em...




Legal Tip of the Week

Ten Reasons to Implement a Drug-Free Workplace Policy

Most drug users are employed, and when they arrive for work, they don’t leave their problems at the door.  Some costs—increased absences, accidents and errors—are obvious. Others, such as low morale and high illness rates, are less so, but their effects may be equally harmful.  Small businesses are often burdened with the costs from drug users since smaller employers often do not have the resources to address the problem.

In fact, according to the United State Department of Labor, 87% of full-time employed illicit drug users work for businesses having less than 500 employees.  Over 40% work for businesses with less than 25 employees.  To protect your business and employees, consider the following ten reasons to establish a drug-free workplace policy.