Top Daily Must-Reads for Every Small Business Owner

Date: January 17, 2012

Running a business is stressful enough, not to mention keeping track of changing technology, policies, and trends. To help you stay informed without feeling overwhelmed, try a daily news resource that will give you plenty of information quickly. Whether you are just starting out or you are an established business, there are plenty of small business resources designed to keep you informed and successful. Here are recommended daily must-read websites for every type of business owner.

For the Trend-Spotting Business Owner...

Small Biz Trends

Small Business Trends serves as an online publication for small business owners and entrepreneurs interested in the latest developments in the world of small business. It offers a variety of resources and information feeds to help you stay informed about the small business market. You can track, explore and learn from trends, issues and news updates through these informational resources. With so many offerings, it lives up to its claim of 'small business success … delivered daily.’

For the Franchise Owner...

Blue MauMau

BlueMauMau shares the latest news and tips for all thing franchise. It provides franchise owners and those looking into getting into the franchise industry, an insider's take on the market. Learn how successful franchisees operate and if today's climate is right for your franchise.

For the Social Entrepreneur...


Mashable is one of the web’s most trusted and popular sources for news in social and digital media. It reports breaking web news, provides analysis of trends, reviews new websites and services, and offers social media resources and guides. If perfecting your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube skills are on your radar screen, or social media is just among your interests, this site is a must.

For the Community-Seeking Entrepreneur...


OpenForum, run by AmericanExpress, gives you a plethora of daily business tips and articles. But the real highlight is the ability to connect and share ideas with other small business owners as you discover OpenForum's tips. From seeing ‘what’s hot’ to what is ‘most shared’ visitors can find out what their fellow entrepreneurs are learning and use the embedded community to discuss take-aways.

For the Rural Small Business Owner...

Small Biz Survival

Small Biz Survival was started by small town entrepreneur Becky McCray, because she felt that her experiences and challenges unique to rural business owners could be shared and learned from. She believes "when local entrepreneurs prosper, they help their small town prosper, too." Follow Becky as she discovers what small town success can mean for small business.

For the Headlines-Glancing Owner...

Small Business Brief

Small Business Brief started in January of 2004 and has since been providing a daily update of the best small business articles. For the busiest small business owner who wants the top cut of all articles in entrepreneurship, marketing, money, operations, technology Small Business Brief focuses on articles “that can teach you how to do things” and run your business better.

For the Issues-Minded Small Business Owner...

You're The Boss

You're the Boss: The Art of Running a Small Business is a feature of The New York Times. Contributors translate daily all things news, politics, and finance into insightful and useful tips for small business owners. This is a must-read for those owners who wonder “what does this event, bill, or economy mean for my business?”

For the Unique Entrepreneur...

Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur is the witty but informative blog from entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz gives credit to anyone with a “crazy” business idea and supplies articles and tips on how to turn the ideas into reality. Along with helpful articles, Mike includes videos of him dishing out the truths of small business success and what entrepreneurs should keep in mind when entering the race.

For the Small Business Blogger...


Grow Map focuses on Internet marketing, blogging and social media strategy for small businesses. As evident in its name, Grow Map provides the suggestions and directions a small business owner needs to grow their traffic online. Whether you are an experienced blogger or just starting out, Grow Map provides new daily tips to polish and perfect any online business presence.

For the Small Business Techie...


Small Biz Technology prides itself on providing technology insight and news for all small business owners-even those who aren’t necessarily tech-savvy. So whether you are your own IT department, or if you rely on technical assistance, find out which tools can improve your business and how to operate like a technology pro.

For the Industry Tycoon Entrepreneur...


Entrepreneur showcases the same top industry stories as the magazine for small business but also features daily headlines and tips. One of the most trusted publications for small business start-ups, Entrepreneur shares the insider’s tricks of the trade.

For the Stuck-in-a-Rut Entrepreneur...

Springwise is a fantastic resource for the entrepreneur looking for an idea database. It shares the most promising business ventures, ideas and concepts from across the world. With endless lists of inventive business services and products, Springwise can help get the creativity flowing for those just starting out.

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