Top 10 Small Business Handbooks and Handouts of 2012

Date: December 27, 2012

Top take-away factsheets of 2012

From changing taxes, new healthcare law, and wavering optimism, small business owners had plenty to keep up with this past year. NFIB makes it easy for you to learn and share our most popular downloads and factsheets of 2012. Check out what fellow small business owners were talking about with these top 10 handbooks and handouts.


1. Small Business Economics Trend Study - The Optimism Index

Small business optimism

After surveying hundreds of small business owners every month, NFIB's research team puts forth a highly anticipated report on the state of small business optimism and economic plans. A compilation of factsheets and graphs, the SBET study is widely shared by small business owners and economists alike. Take a closer look at the popular monthly survey to see how plans for hiring, investment and future expectations of small businesses are panning out.


2. How the 112th Congress Voted - Pre-Election Report

Download How Congress Voted

NFIB tracks the voting records of evey member of congress to make sure those that work for small business are well represented. And it's obvious their records matter - many small business owners used this score card to track who was mostly like to be their voice on the hill during the run-up to the 2012 elections. Take a look back at the report to see who shone through as guardians of small business.


3. PPACA Employer Mandate Penalties - an NFIB Research CribSheet

Download the employer mandate penalties fact sheet

With uncertainty clouding the future of healthcare regulations, NFIB Research is dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on changing rules and how it truly affects your business. Mandates and penalties from the new healthcare law, known as PPACA or Obamacare, have been among top concerns of small business owners. Understanding what the law means to employers is crucial to the future success of our nation's small business. Get the essential facts of the mandate from this top downloaded cribsheet.


4. Federal Employment Law HandbookFederal Employment Law Handbook

Running a business can be a challenge especially when you take into account the numerous legal guidelines you and your employees need to follow. Hundreds of employers got tips on avoiding some sticky situations by turning to NFIB's Legal Center for information on all things employment. This federal employment handbook was among the top items downloaded on in 2012. Get the basics while making compliance a little easier.


5. Sample Form for Hiring - Small Business Employment Application

Small business sample forms for hiring

While some small businesses put a hold on hiring, many were still looking for extra help and workers. NFIB was there to assist in the hiring process with sample forms to make the paperwork a little easier. From background check forms to job offer letters, these helpful documents, ready for editing in Microsoft Word document format, are a good starting place for human resource management. The most popular of these forms was the Employment Application sample form.


6. Individual Mandate of the Healthcare Law - an NFIB Research CribSheet

PPACA: The Individual Mandate Tax

Unprecedented in U.S. history, a tax upon all individuals who chose not to acquire health insurance was introduced by the supreme court when their decision in the case of the new healthcare law was handed down. This Individual Mandate Tax has been a source of confusion and controversy since the inception of Obamacare and will continue to be discussed and monitored by NFIB's healthcare policy experts as the months unfold. Already, hundreds of visitors to took note of the this helpful quick-look factsheet of the tax penalty and calculations that put the financial impact upon individuals in perspective.


7. The Small Business Fiscal Cliff Handout

Small Business Fiscal Cliff

A topic on the minds of all small businesses throughout 2012 and on into 2013 is the threat of the economy falling over the "fiscal cliff." Not only does it impact the U.S. economy on the whole, it has tremendous repercussions on the tax rates of small business owners. Find out what the bottom of the small business fiscal cliff looks like in this handout.


8. Health Insurance Tax (HIT) PPACA's Health Insurance Tax (HIT) - an NFIB Research CribSheet

Alongside individual and employer mandates and taxes, the new healthcare law brings a tax upon the fully-insured market as well. Known as the HIT tax, the health insurance tax is one of the biggest taxes in the PPACA healthcare law. Because of this, the NFIB research group has put together a handy factsheet that has drawn the attention of visitors in 2012.


9. NFIB Healthcare Solutions Handout

NFIB Healthcare Solutions

If you couldn't tell, a pattern of taxes, penalties, and other negative effects emerged from the new healthcare law. Committed to healthcare reform that is mindful of the fragile nature of small business growth, NFIB put together a list of solutions that it would like to see if the healthcare law could ever be replaced. A controversial subject following the lawsuit and elections, this handout was among the top 10 most downloaded items by visitors.


10. 4 Things Your Business Needs to Do Online - NFIB Webinar Slides Handout

4 Things Your Business Needs to Do Online

With all the focus on changing regulations, healthcare laws, employment legal issues and hiring new workers (regardless of the economic outlook to do so), putting time towards the marketing of your business can get lost in the shuffle. NFIB presents monthly webinars to teach you quick and easy steps to making your business more likely to grow and prosper. One of our most popular handouts from a webinar was the 4 Things Your Business Needs to Do Online. (Note: Only registered users can access the slides from our webinar presentations, but anyone can watch the recorded presentation.)


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