5 Small Business Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Author: galoozis Date: January 25, 2011

You might be used to reading news and information that helps you run your small business, but are you listening to it, too? If not, you could be missing out.

PodcastsPodcasts are an easy way to get news, tips, information and advice on a range of small business topics. A podcast is an audio file that you download to your computer, smartphone or iPod—or practically any electronic device—and is much like a radio show, only hosted by an amateur. All podcasts can be found in the iTunes store—with the iTunes program on your computer, or at iTunes.com—and are often available on the broadcaster’s website as well. You can listen as soon as a podcast goes live, or save it and listen at your leisure.

If you’re wondering where to start, try these five popular small business podcasts.

1. The Wall Street Journal on Small Business

A weekly podcast from the The Wall Street Journal’s small business section. Reporters and editors offer up news stories—mostly about operational topics, like sales or marketing—that include expert interviews and lots of real-world advice. Many podcasts are online extensions of stories that appeared on WSJ.com, or in the print version of the newspaper.
Duration: About 10 minutes
Frequency: Every Tuesday
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2. Small Business Trends Radio

A weekly podcast from host Anita Campbell, who also founded SmallBizTrends.com, a consortium of articles, news, tips and advice for small business owners. Each “show” features Campbell interviewing a guest or two—a business guru, author, expert—who talks about the topic of the day. The topic might be an operations issue, but could also be something inspirational or tech-related.
Duration: About a half-hour
Frequency: Every Wednesday
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3. Accounting Best Practices With Steve Bragg

A podcast from accountant Steve Bragg, who has written more than 40 business books and is a small business finance expert. Each podcast, or “episode” talks about a very specific topic. For example, “Reporting of Pension Loans” or “Accounting Technology: Remote Bank Deposits.” You can ask an accounting question through Bragg’s website, www.accountingtools.com, and he may answer it through a podcast.
Duration: Ranges from three to 12 minutes
Frequency: No schedule, but one to two times a month
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4. Six Pixels of Separation

A weekly podcast from Twist Image, a digital marketing agency in Montreal. The podcast features the agency’s founder, Mitch Joel, talking about digital marketing tactics that work for small businesses—from how to create your own podcast to how to write digital content that resonates with your customers.
Duration: Varies
Frequency: Every Sunday
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5. The Small Business Advocate Show

This is the only daily small business radio show, hosted by Jim Blasingame, a small business journalist, author and expert. So you don’t waste your time listening to topics that don’t interest you, the hours-long radio show is broken into smaller broadcasts that become topic-specific podcasts. Examples include “Jim’s 2011 Political Predictions” and “Why Mobile Apps Are a Big Part of Your Future.”
Duration: Varies
Frequency: Daily
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Visit this list of 100 small business podcasts.

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