Small Business Needs Freedom

Date: July 01, 2014

It’s time to help lawmakers understand what it means to run a small business.

Washington, D.C., serves as a beautiful backdrop for
Independence Day: Fireworks, parades, museums and everything that makes America
great is front and center. Amid the crowds, thousands of waving flags serve as
a reminder of the importance of freedom and democracy to everything we hold
dear as Americans.

Unfortunately, the lawmakers who inhabit our nation’s
capital for much of the year seem to have forgotten these lessons and consistently
make decisions that harm entrepreneurs. Some elected officials fail to make any
decisions at all, allowing federal agencies to pump out rules and regulations
without any oversight.

As a small business owner, your biggest worry should be
competition from another business, not a government that continues to pile on unnecessary
mandates and hamper the American Dream.

It’s time to say, “Enough is enough.”

This summer,
lawmakers will spend a good amount of time back home in their districts before
the November elections. Perhaps getting members of Congress outside of
Washington and onto our home turf is what we need to shake things up and begin
to change the culture of Washington.

In the
spirit of Independence Day, one of the most patriotic things you can do is
invite your members of Congress to tour your business. Answer their questions so
they gain a sense of what you do and the challenges you face.

let’s be honest: Those who have never started a small business are
unlikely to fully understand the challenges facing entrepreneurs who simply
want to create a business that reflects their values and allows them to
accomplish their dreams. By meeting
with entrepreneurs like you, congressmen and women learn how they can help
small businesses instead of hurt them—and can recalibrate their reason for
holding office in the first place.

reach out to your elected officials and tell them to start supporting sensible
regulations for small business
. Lawmakers may believe a new regulation or bill is
harmless, but in reality it’s adding to the millions of small burdens that
weigh heavily on the company you’ve worked hard to create.

By adding your voice to the chorus, you can defend liberty
and share the importance of small business to this country. There isn’t a more
compelling ambassador of American entrepreneurship than you.

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