EnviroControl Systems Sees the Need for NFIB

Date: May 30, 2014

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EnviroControl Systems, Inc. was founded in 1997 and has
been owned by Lisa Crosley since 2004, with her husband Doug managing its
day-to-day technical operations. They have been NFIB members since 2009.
EnviroControl Systems, Inc. is a full-service Heating, Air-Conditioning and
Energy Management Company which serves the Greater Dayton area. As a true
family business, the company also employs their son and daughter and their
daughter’s fiancé.

Under the Crosley’s the operation was expanded to include
residential sales and service, commercial and retail sales and service, as well
as sales and service to churches, non-profits, and retail establishments. In
addition to expanding its markets, the Crosley family introduced energy
management and indoor air quality services to EnviroControl Systems, Inc.’s
range of services.

EnviroControl Systems provides commercial HVAC services
whereas Lifestyle Comfort Solutions provides residential HVAC services. They
are the only HVAC Company in Dayton that can provide Home Performance services,
which means they can come into your house and they can check your HVAC system
and home infrastructure. 

The business continues to grow as they are in the process
of forming an advisory board to discuss marketing and strategic planning as
well as renovating their new building that they are moving in to which will
come equipped with a large conference room, metal works show and “dream
room” for when you need to unplug.

They got involved with NFIB, like so many other members
do, when a field sales representative knocked on their door and told them what
NFIB was about.  They were invited to
attend an upcoming meeting of the NFIB/Ohio Dayton Area Action Council.  Doug attended and liked what he saw and now
Lisa attends every meeting.  She even
recently became the Vice Chair of the group.

They find the AAC program helps them stay energized and
informed about the issues at both the state and federal level that impact their
business. It also offers them an outlet to express opinions and receive useful
resources.  They really believe in “power in numbers” and it is smart for
business owners to stick together.

When talking about their new building, Lisa said, “This
is what NFIB is all about…wanting businesses to expand.”  NFIB is also a
great resource to the Crosleys, “One of the best pieces of information I ever
received for their business came from an NFIB webinar regarding stashing
away 30% of each profit for taxes.”

Lisa is active with NFIB outside of the Dayton area as
well.  She has attended several of
NFIB/Ohio’s Small Business Day at the Capitol and in 2013 testified on behalf
of small business owners on House Bill 5 to simplify Ohio’s convoluted
municipal income tax system.  She did an
excellent job of describing just how onerous the system can be for a small
business owner and she supplemented her testimony with photos of the stacks of
filings and her employees holding up the number of W2 forms they each
received.  In April 2014 she was
interviewed by channel 2 in Dayton as a follow up on the story as she continues
to assist NFIB/Ohio in getting the bill moved through the Ohio Senate. 

To find out more please visit: http://www.envirocontrolsystems.com/

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