Wisconsin Transportation Fund Short on Cash

Date: June 18, 2014

Transportation Fund Short on Cash

According to Mark Gottlieb, Secretary, Wisconsin Department
of Transportation, the state’s transportation system is currently faced with a
funding crisis and is falling further behind every day.

Although the state spends more than a billion dollars a year
on road construction and maintenance, the department has a funding gap of $600
million going into the next two-year budget cycle.

Secretary Gottlieb is traveling throughout the state conducting
roundtables and seeking input for current and future funding of Wisconsin’s
transportation infrastructure.

The Department of Transportation provides funding for all
modes of transportation including local roads and state highways, but also for
railroads, public transit systems, airports, harbors, even bicycle and
pedestrian facilities.

As vehicles improve mileage performance, and people drive
less, motor fuel tax revenue, a major funding source, has declined and will
continue to decline by as much as 20 percent over the next 10 years.

The Legislature hasn’t approved an increase in the gas tax
since 1997, and indexing of the tax for automatic increases hasn’t occurred
since 2006.

State Survey Ballot results show NFIB members are opposed to
gas tax indexing and value based registration fees, but believe all revenue
from the sales tax on vehicle purchases should be deposited in the
transportation fund.

As a member of the Highway Users Coalition, NFIB will be
actively participating in transportation issues that impact our state’s small
business community.

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