Women's Economic Security Contains Several Damaging Provisions

Date: April 30, 2014

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The bill majority party members
have thrown together to help and appeal to women in this election season
also contains several damaging provisions for employers that are not getting
much attention.  The bill contains a dramatic expansion of the Human Rights
Act that is being opposed by both private and public employers and hopefully
will not survive the conference committee.  NFIB is one of the co-leaders
on this coalition and has been a loud voice in opposition to these provisions
that were added to the women’s bill.


The worst of the three is this
dramatic expansion of the Human Rights Act through adding familial
status/caregiver to the Act.  It would put all of us under the Human
Rights Act at various points in our lives and is a dramatic departure from the
current Human Rights Act, which in virtually all cases is based on the
characteristic of the individual.  There are strong and credible fears of
a dramatic increase in lawsuits against employers, since if this passes it
would be extremely difficult to legally discipline or terminate someone if they
happen to be in a caregiver situation when the disciplinary action
occurred.  Fortunately, this provision and the other two that expand
the Human Rights Act are not in the Senate version of the bill, and hopefully
none of these will survive the conference committee.


The bill also contains two other
expansions of the Human Rights Act that are aimed at very specific situations,
but also extremely inappropriate.   We appreciate the fact that the
Senate leadership has defeated or stalled all of these provisions and they are
not in the Senate bill going in the conference committee.


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