NFIB Fights Against Minimum Wage Hike

Date: February 19, 2014

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A big labor front group and other union affiliated
organizations are getting ready to collect signatures to put an increase in the
state minimum wage on the November ballot. The groups, calling themselves “Raise
Michigan” are seeking to move the state minimum wage to $10.10 an hour by 2017.
The proposal they are pushing would also eliminate the “tip credit” for
restaurant and food service workers and index the higher wage to inflation.

minimum wage coalition is using the initiative petition route to get the
proposal on the ballot rather than pursue a constitutional amendment that would
require a higher signature threshold. Under the initiative approach, the group
would have to collect 258,088
signatures from registered Michigan voters by May 28. The Legislature would
then have 40 days to approve the proposal. If it takes no action or votes the
measure down, it will appear on the November 4th general election ballot.

has a long standing member position opposing any increase in the minimum wage
at both the state and federal level. Common sense economics proves time and
time again that increasing the minimum wage hurts those that it is intended to
help with fewer job opportunities and a higher cost of living.

will be fighting against this state ballot proposal as well as efforts being
pushed by the Obama administration to hike the minimum wage at the federal level.

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