Promoting the Small Business Agenda All Year

Date: August 05, 2013

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The next session of the North Dakota Legislature is not until Jan. 6, 2015, but interim committees are conducting business in preparation. NFIB/North Dakota is monitoring these while working with national coalitions on issues paramount to small-business survival.

“Our participation in coalitions helps keep that vital drum-beat of Main Street’s message going,” said NFIB/North Dakota State Director Bonnie Staiger. “Elected officials, appointed officials, the media, and our opponents think politically every day, not just during session. That’s why it’s necessary to participate in the coalitions that call out to them, and it allows us to leverage our strength with like-minded others for a stronger sound.”

Below is a list of NFIB-led or NFIB-participating national coalitions where you can learn more and get involved in some. You can click each coalition’s logo to go right to its website.

National Coalitions

The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace is a coalition of workers, employers, associations and organizations who are fighting to protect the right to a federally supervised private ballot when workers are deciding whether or not to join a union. We are opposed to the so-called Employee Free Choice Act because it would strip Americans of that right and replace it with a system where your vote is no longer private, and it is made public to your employer, the union organizers and your co-workers.


The mission of the Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates is to educate Congress and key stakeholders that tax reform should be viewed through the lens of effective tax rates, the amount of taxes businesses actually pay.


The Family Business Estate Tax Coalition (FBETC) is a grassroots coalition of over 50 national family-owned business organizations dedicated to the full, permanent repeal of the estate tax.



A project of the National Federation of Independent Business, Small Businesses for Sensible Regulations is a national effort focused on protecting small businesses and American jobs from the impacts of regulations recently proposed by the Obama administration. This tidal wave of regulations, made up of more than 4,000 regulations in the pipeline, will cost an estimated half-trillion dollars and counting. We need to fight for smarter regulations that protect the environment, workers, and American jobs and stop this looming regulatory tidal wave before it does irreversible damage to our economy.


The Stop The HIT Coalition represents the nation’s small business owners, their employees and the self-employed who are actively working to repeal the Health Insurance Tax (HIT) provision in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). This costly, unfair and hidden tax will increase the cost of health insurance in the small business market and would needlessly stifle economic growth.



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