Legislative Report from Concord

Date: March 19, 2014

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The National Federation of Independent Business NH is battling against a proposed increase to the minimum wage. The proposal calls for a $9 per hour minimum wage and then have cost of living increases for perpetuity. While it has passed the House NFIB is hoping to prevent this measure from passing in the State Senate.

NFIB successfully worked with other pro-business groups in stalling a bill in the NH Senate that would have disproportionately distributed fault for damages if an immune party (i.e. a municipality) was one of the defendants and found to be at fault. The bill would have required the non-immune party to be liable and payout the immune party’s share of the verdict. This was a victory for the small business community in New Hampshire.

A bill to increase workers compensation payments and therefore increase the cost of workers compensation premiums passed the House but so far has been slowed in the Senate.

If you note a recurring theme here, you are correct….the House is passing legislation harmful to small business. It is now up to the Senate to serve as a solid check on these unreasonable bills, saving the business community from onerous regulation and added costs.

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