VIDEO: When Will The Fed Stop Manipulating Prices?

Date: July 23, 2014

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the media is focused on when the Federal Reserve will start raising rates, NFIB’s Bill Dunkelberg says they
are asking the wrong question

“The important question is when will the Fed stop manipulating prices and
let the market set interest rates,” Dunkelberg says.

At its June meeting, the Fed signaled that it’s less confident about future
growth and said quantitative easing will continue to taper.

Dunkelberg says the Fed’s buying spree on bonds has benefitted big banks and
large bond holders, but it’s also created an economy with great profits and no

“It was thought that more liquidity would light a fire under capital
spending, but that did not occur,” Dunkelberg says.

Dunkelberg says true growth will come only when the Fed and other central banks
leave it up to the markets to set interest rates.

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