Medicaid Expansion Opposed

Date: March 19, 2014

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NFIB members voting in a recent survey expressed strong opposition to Medicaid expansion in Maine regardless of various provisions to manage costs.

Here are the questions and responses:

* “Should Maine expand Medicaid coverage to all individuals up to 133% of the Federal Poverty Level if the expansion is sunsetted after 3 years & other cost-management provisions were adopted?”
11.8% – Yes    84.9% – No    3.4% – Undecided

* “Should Maine expand Medicaid even if the sunset is repealed & the expansion continues after three years with the state picking up 10 percent of the costs from 2020 on?”
6.7% – Yes    87.4% – No    5.9% – Undecided

* “Do you believe that within 5 years or so taxes will be raised in Maine to pay for Medicaid expansion?”
93.3% – Yes    3.4% – No    3.4% – Undecided

The expansion bill (LD 1487) is supported by all the Democrats and independents in the House and Senate and a handful of Republicans. Governor Paul LePage is expected to veto the measure and a veto is expected to be sustained.

Medicaid expansion will be a hotly debated issue on the gubernatorial and legislative campaign trails this fall.

At least 19 states are not expanding their Medicaid programs and several others are currently debating the issue.

NFIB is the only mainstream statewide business group to take a position on the expansion issue. The Maine Chamber of Commerce took no position after a survey of its directors showed 18 supported expansion, 9 opposed and 10 abstained, which fell 2 votes short of a majority position. However, the Maine Small Business Coalition, an affiliate of the Maine People’s Alliance, supports expansion.

The status and information relating to LD 1487 may be found at this website:

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