Date: February 05, 2014

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Speak up now to stop HB 105 and
SB 220 which is moving rapidly through the Florida legislature.  The
proposal purports to only add “pregnancy” to the list of protected
classes under Florida workplace discrimination statues, but by moving pregnancy
from federal statutes (where pregnancy is a clearly protected class) it applies
the state damages cap of $100,000 per claim, which is TWICE the federal cap of

What’s more stunning, is that the same move would REDUCE BY TWO THIRDS the
damages cap for big businesses with over 500 employees from $300,000 to

Contact you State legislator today and ask them to stop HB 105 and SB 220.
 Pregnant mothers deserve protection in the workplace, but the penalties
shouldn’t be raised for small business while big business gets a break!

NFIB has been the only business group to speak
out against this bill before the legislature.  It has already passed two
committees in the State House and three committees
in the Senate, and appears to be on a fast track for passage.  Take
action now to keep this well-intended bill from singling out small businesses
for higher damages!

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