MO Small Businesses Support Right-to-Work Legislation

Date: January 10, 2017

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Brad Jones, state director of the National Federation of Independent Business, said today the association’s small-business members support legislation that would make Missouri a right-to-work state.

“If we’re serious about staying competitive and attracting and keeping jobs, we need to become a right-to-work state,” Jones said. Seven of the eight states touching Missouri already have right-to-work legislation on the books. Kentucky’s governor signed right-to-work into law over the weekend.

“Becoming a right-to-work state would immediately make us more competitive regionally and nationally,” Jones said. “Employers look at a state’s right-to-work status when deciding where to locate or expand. Becoming a right-to-work state, and becoming more competitive, would create more opportunities for small, family businesses.

“Some people say right-to-work is anti-union, but that isn’t true. If you want to join a union, you’re free to join a union. What right-to-work means is that you don’t have to join a union in order to get a job and support your family. By the same token, right-to-work means you can’t be fired for joining a union.

“Right-to-work means exactly what it says: You have a right to work.”

NFIB is the nation’s and Missouri’s leading small-business association. To learn more, visit and follow @NFIB_MO on Twitter.

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