Senator Flake Talks Exclusively to NFIB/Arizona Members

Date: October 20, 2017

Special call updated small-business owners on tax reform, health care, lawsuit abuse

Putting its members directly in touch with top state and federal policymakers is one of the more appreciated benefits of belonging to NFIB. That ability comes directly from the fact that NFIB represents the most respected group of people everywhere in America—Small-business owners.

On October 18, NFIB arranged for Sen. Jeff Flake to take a few moments away from the flurry of Congressional activity over the budget resolution to answer a few questions from NFIB/Arizona members via a teleconference.

Joy from Flagstaff, Chris from Scottsdale, Joanne from Tucson, Tony from Tempe, and Lawrence from Phoenix were just a few of the members asking Senator Flake a variety of questions of concern to them.

Senator Flake told members it was essential that if only one thing came out of the tax reform efforts it would have to be the lowering of corporate tax rates in order to keep the nation competitive with other industrialized countries whose rates are substantially lower. He did stress, however, that it was a priority of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that pass-through entities, which most NFIB-member businesses are, not be left out of any final bill.

A personal effort of Senator Flake’s is ending the lawsuit abuse surrounding the Americans With Disabilities Act, which he said must be a bipartisan effort. “We have to get some Democrats on board,” said the senator, who noted that California Sen. Dianne Feinstein is very sympathetic to the cause, hearing, as she has, from many minority-owned businesses in her state that have been especially hard hit by ADA scams.

Reforming Obamacare remains a top priority of the senator’s, who noted how wrong it is that some Arizonans pay more for health care than they do in mortgages.

Click the graphic below to hear the entire half-hour conversation with Senator Flake. The link will also allow listeners to go directly to parts on tax reform, the joint-employer ruling, and Obamacare.

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