Issues Facing NFIB/Oklahoma

Date: June 29, 2015

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Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

  • Resolutions
    calling for a Constitutional Convention solely for the purpose of a Balanced
    Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution stalled in the legislature this year.
    We will continue to be a leading voice on this issue as the legislature takes it
    up again in 2016.

government ‘bounty-hunter auditors

  • Legislation
    prohibiting state agencies from hiring private companies to enter your business
    and audit your books recently failed to advance. Business owners shouldn’t be
    subject to unannounced audits by private companies claiming to represent the


Asset seizure and forfeiture

  • Law
    enforcement can seize a business owner’s assets merely at the suggestion of
    wrong-doing. The property rights of a small business owner must be protected
    and fought for.

a new sales tax on services and labor

  • State
    legislators have recently suggested a new tax on services and labor as a way to
    bring revenue into the state. It would fall squarely on the shoulders of small
    business to collect and remit this new tax, and we will fight to oppose it.

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