2018 Challenges in the New Mexico Legislature

Date: May 09, 2017

Uniformity in statewide employment law a top priority

The Legislature reconvenes for a 30-day session January 16, 2018, with four top priorities for NFIB.

Stopping Additional Workplace Mandates
NFIB continues to lead the fight against:

  • Mandatory and cost-prohibitive minimum wage increases
  • Paid sick and vacation leave mandates
  • Predictive scheduling mandates
  • Other costly labor regulations that interfere with your ability to develop policies that work best for you and your employees, and still allow you to earn a profit.

Lobbying for Statewide Employment Law Uniformity
NFIB strongly supports prohibiting New Mexico cities and counties from creating a patchwork of laws to regulate the hours, scheduling or leave that would be difficult for small businesses to manage. NFIB also backs legislation barring state entities contracting with private-sector employers mandating paid or unpaid leave, fringe benefits or other benefits.

Pushing the Continuation of Workers’ Compensation Reform
NFIB continues to be out in front on legislation impacting employers. As New Mexico’s higher courts send down opinions eroding the system, we will continue fighting to strengthen reforms with productive and fair legislation, especially as it relates to workplace safety and insurance coverage costs including paying for workers’ medical marijuana.

Urging a Super Majority Vote to Increase Taxes
NFIB will continue its efforts to push for reform that requires a two-thirds vote in both the Senate and House in order to pass a tax increase.

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