Take a Victory Lap During National Small Business Week

Date: May 12, 2014

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Looking for reasons to celebrate? Here are two:
Tax Day, April 15, is history and National Small Business Week—May 12 to
—has begun.

Sure, the passing of April 15 is little cause
for celebration. The challenges it brings seem to grow each year. But imagine
what our nation’s economy would look like if there were no small businesses to keep
America’s economy afloat in such difficult times. Many other nations wish they
could have the strong, innovative small business structure that America enjoys
thanks to you and millions of entrepreneurs like you.

To help raise awareness of the importance of
small business, NFIB joined the U.S. Small Business Administration to
co-sponsor 2014 National Small Business Week. During this week, I urge you to
take a “Victory Lap” around your community to showcase your business as a
valuable asset. Proudly remind friends, customers, employees and others that
you are a key member of a vital chain of more than 28 million entrepreneurs
that includes 99.7 percent of the nation’s employer firms and provides the essential
goods and services that America depends upon.

What you do in the name of free enterprise is
worthy of celebration. Without your entrepreneurial spirit, America would not
be the example of economic freedom that today is envied around the world. 

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Of course, every week at NFIB is Small Business
Week. Without NFIB’s unwavering protection and promotion of your American Dream,
many of the challenges you face from federal and state governments would become
business killing laws.

That’s why NFIB exists. Today, more than ever,
anti-business factions are determined to deny you the rewards of your labor
through a constant barrage of unfair and overly complex tax laws, excessive
regulation, and unreasonable government mandates.

With your support, NFIB will continue to fight those
and many other harmful burdens that policymakers attempt. We will stand firm to
ensure that you can continue to own and grow an enterprise that bolsters our
nation’s foundation, as well as provides financial sustenance for you, your
family, your employees and others whose services and supplies you depend on to
keep your operations functioning.

During National Small Business Week, take a
Victory Lap around your community and celebrate the accomplishments that you
have achieved to help build and maintain the engine of the United States
economy. You’ve earned it and everyone should know it.

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Dan Danner, NFIB President and CEO

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