NFIB Makes Small Business Expensing a Priority for the House

Date: May 27, 2014

Small business
expensing is one of those popular bipartisan issues that most everyone agrees
makes sense – but has been a victim of ‘politics as usual’ recently. Because, after
many years of temporarily raising the annual amount of expensing—it reached $500,000
last year—Congress allowed it to fall to a woefully inadequate $25,000 for

However, NFIB worked with Representatives Tiberi and others
in the US House of Representatives to pass H.R. 4457, America’s Small Business Tax Relief Act, which would permanently restore
small business expensing to $500,000 and index it for inflation. This
represents a huge win that would make permanent increased
expensing levels that are essential to your business and millions of other
small firms.

But the fight is not over, this legislation still needs to
pass the Senate. This is the time to tell your Senator that you are a member of
the National Federation of Independent Business—the nation’s leading
small-business advocacy organization—and that you also strongly support small
business expensing.

As a small business owner in their state, your voice carries
a great deal of significance in that office – so when you express real concern
over small business expensing – it means something.

There are probably many things you can do to improve your
small business, but few of them are as important right now as lending your voice to this issue.

This legislation, if enacted, will bring some much needed
certainty to an important section of the tax code for small business known as
IRS Code Section 179. It would retroactively and permanently extend from Jan.
1, 2014, increased limitations on the amount of investments that can be
immediately deducted from taxable income.

Nationwide, small businesses continue to face unprecedented
economic challenges Passing legislation such as H.R. 4457 to permanently
restore small business expensing is critical to help spur economic growth is a
great first step. And telling the Senate how important this is to your business
is the next step. Small business expensing would greatly reduce tax confusion
and bring predictability to your efforts to plan for investing in much needed
equipment or other improvements that would benefit your local community. What’s
more, it could ease your recordkeeping procedures and boost small-business job

Get busy now to improve your small business. Say you support H.R. 4457 – and urge your Senator to support small business

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Dan Danner, NFIB President and CEO

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