A new small business starts with an idea, but in between
that first dream and the first sale there are lots of obstacles. Still,
millions of Americans open their own business every year. This creativity and
persistence of small business owners fuels our economy.

We’re making it a point this week, which is National Small
Business Week
, to educate lawmakers and the general public on not only the
importance of small business, but the obstacles in their way.

According to the Census Bureau, 99.7
percent of U.S. businesses
are small employers and these small businesses
employ about half of all private sector employees. Small businesses are
responsible for more than 60 percent of net new jobs in the last two decades.

Yet in recent years small employers have faced a host of new
hurdles, including thousands of new regulations, higher taxes and burdensome
mandates at the federal and state levels that increase the cost of doing

Of special concern for small business owners are
taxes. In fact, we survey our members every month and five of their top
10 concerns are related to taxes. Their rates are too high, the code is
too complicated, compliance is too costly and the rules change too often.

Some lawmakers are currently discussing a cut in the top
corporate tax rate. But that’s not nearly enough. Three quarters of
small businesses pay taxes as individuals, so a corporate-only approach would
leave them out in the cold. We’re made it clear publicly and in meetings
with lawmakers and their staffs that in order to be fair and fully effective,
small business owners need lower tax rates as well. And this week we’ll
be driving that point home at a special meeting where our tax experts will
brief key congressional staffers on the issue.

We’ll keep you updated on the latest developments. In
the meantime, thank you on behalf of NFIB for all that you do as small business
owners. You’re vitally important to your communities and the US economy,
and we’re making sure your representatives in Washington know it.

Dan Danner, NFIB President and CEO

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Dan Danner, NFIB President and CEO

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