Health insurance remains a huge concern for all small business owners. But you have NFIB on your side, helping you navigate through the 2016 open enrollment season.


annual health insurance open enrollment period kicked off on Sunday, November
1. We understand that health insurance remains one of your biggest concerns, both
from a cost and policy perspective, and NFIB is working hard to provide relief
on both fronts.

The NFIB Health
Insurance Exchange
is ready to serve you and your employees during open
enrollment. This is the one time of year you can get “no-questions-asked”
health insurance, and, as you well know, everyone must have insurance or pay a
penalty under Obamacare.

the open enrollment season runs until January 31, 2016, if you need a policy effective
January 1, 2016, you must enroll by December 15, 2015. Paying attention to
these dates can save you a huge headache down the road.

See NFIB’s full
timeline for open enrollment >>

the government’s health insurance website, NFIB’s Exchange employs licensed
professionals who can provide free advice and guide you through the process in
less than 15 minutes. We provide you and your employees with a large variety of
plan options, help you avoid harmful tax penalties, and even save you money. NFIB members who used our program last year saved
an average of $2,817*.

That last piece is especially important, as we’re seeing
the cost of an average plan go up 15 to 20 percent for 2016, with some
increasing much more. Even the Obama administration acknowledged, just last
week, that premiums are increasing for 2016. They provided a 7.5 percent
cost-hike figure, but that doesn’t take into account important factors like
deductibles, co-payments and other cost sharing.

enrolling, be mindful that employers with 50 or more full-time employees must now
offer affordable health insurance to 95 percent of their employees or pay
penalties. Also know that, as of July 1, 2015, employers are prohibited from
reimbursing employees for individual health insurance plans. IRS audits will now
assess penalties on this once-popular practice. NFIB is fighting this rule and
will keep you posted.

The situation is not all doom and gloom. NFIB
recently scored a big victory for midsize businesses
, which will no longer be
federally mandated into the small group market for health insurance purposes. This
group was scheduled to have to offer more expensive policies as part of the
small group market in 2016. But with pressure from NFIB, the House and Senate
passed, and President signed into law, the Protecting Affordable Coverage for Employees
(PACE) Act in October, preventing the mandatory federal expansion and instead
leaving the decision up to state officials.

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider
going into the 2016 open enrollment season. NFIB is here to help you sort it
all out and get the best policies for you and your employees. Get started today at or call 888-488-6266.


Danner, NFIB
President and CEO

figure based on plans sold from 1/1/14 through 12/31/14. Each member varies,
and not all members will see savings for their plan.

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