Does Your Website Need a New Look?

An up-to-date website is essential for small businesses to compete in today’s market.  Your potential customers are on the internet, so making sure your website provides the best user experience is important.  Take the time and ask yourself the following questions to determine if it’s time to give your website a new look:

1. Does the website look old-fashioned? Do you ever go to
a business website that still greets you with some message like “Waiting for
Flash animation to load” or “10% complete”? It probably makes you think the
site hasn’t been updated since the Internet first began.

2. Does the site take forever to load? Using Flash is one culprit here, but
images that are too big can also slow your site down. Consumers are more
impatient than ever, and if your site takes more than a few seconds to load
they might not stick around.

3. Is the site easy to navigate? Don’t try to reinvent the wheel when it
comes to navigation. Your site should use current conventions for your industry
so that users can quickly find their way around. Today’s sites are more
streamlined than they were just a few years ago, so if your site has too many
options, users may get confused. Make sure users who aren’t familiar with your
site can quickly figure out how to perform various tasks, such as browsing
products, checking out or finding directions to your business.

4. Does the site have plenty of calls to action? Too many business websites fail to ask
users to take action. “Shop Now,” “Check Out,” “Contact Us,” “Sign Up”—the
actions you want people to take may vary depending on what you sell, but at
least one such clearly marked button urging action should be on every page of
your website.

5. Is the site mobile-friendly? Mobile Internet usage is becoming more
popular among customers of all ages, and this trend will only grow as smartphones
and tablets become more prevalent. Make sure your website loads quickly and is
easy to use on all types of mobile devices, or you might be driving customers

The number one reason to update our website is to make sure that your customers return.  When  a website hasn’t been updated in a year (or more), your customers may think you have nothing new to offer and could move on to your competitor.  By keeping your website fresh and current, you show your customers that you are engaged, giving them a reason to come back to see what’s new.

When it’s time for a website update, NFIB and can help.  Learn more about this valuable member benefit.

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