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  • Easing the Regulatory Burden on Small Business Easing the Regulatory Burden on Small Business NFIB is pushing for legislation to create increased regulatory fairness and address small business concerns with Connecticut’s government red tape. While NFIB applauded recent legislation repealing many outdated and obsolete regulations as a good start, NFIB will also continue to remind the legislature and the administration that achieving regulatory relief and reducing red tape for small businesses is an ongoing process. NFIB supports numerous legislative measures that would reform the regulatory process and provide regulatory relief to small business owners. These would include: requiring an ongoing comprehensive review of all existing regulations; ensuring state agencies adhere to small business impact statement requirements; streamlining permitting requirements; requiring a cost benefit analysis of new and existing regulations; and implementing a regulatory fairness model for small businesses based on federal and other successful states’ programs.

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  • Prevailing Wage Mandate Prevailing Wage Mandate Fight against legislation to extend the costly prevailing wage mandate to private construction projects. While Connecticut’s prevailing wage law makes public construction bidding more complicated for small contractors, it also makes these projects more costly for taxpayers. Some advocates are trying to expand the state’s prevailing wage law to private projects as well. NFIB will stand opposed to any further expansion of the prevailing wage mandate, but especially against any intrusion into the private sector.

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  • Paid Family Leave Paid Family Leave Push back efforts to extend Connecticut’s paid family leave law to employers with fewer than 50 employees. While Connecticut was the first state in the nation to mandate paid leave for certain employers with 50 or more employees, for some advocates, this was not enough. NFIB will work to defend against moves to expand Connecticut’s mandated paid leave law to additional small businesses.

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  • Business Entity Tax & Comprehensive Tax Reform Business Entity Tax & Comprehensive Tax Reform Eliminate the Business Entity Tax entirely to put $ back in the pocket of every small business owner in Connecticut and ensure that small business has a voice in state tax reform discussions. While NFIB was successful in leading the charge to reform the state’s $250 Business Entity Tax (BET), this nuisance tax on small business owners, including those that don’t even make a profit, must be fully repealed in the future. In addition, the State Tax Panel will be considering comprehensive changes to Connecticut’s tax system and NFIB will to make sure small business has a voice in this process. Finally, with ongoing state budget deficits predicted into the near future, NFIB will fight against new or higher taxes that may be imposed to unfairly balance the budget on the backs of small businesses.

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