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  • NFIB Announces Four State Assembly EndorsementsFollowing the California Secretary of State certifying the June 7th Primary Election, the NFIB/CA SAFE (Save America's Free Enterprise) Trust PAC voted to endorse four additional candidates for State Assembly. The PAC moved to endorse these candidates due to their policy positions in support of small business coupled with the compelling nature of their candidacy given the dynamics of that specific race.

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  • Small Business Jobs Outlook Turns Gloomy in JuneThe small business employment outlook weakened in June as job creation turned negative, hiring plans slowed, compensation slipped, and jobs openings remained unfilled, according to the most recent Jobs Report released by NFIB.

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  • NFIB Announces Positions on Propositions 54 and 55Following the announcement of ballot proposition numbers for the November statewide ballot, the National Federation of Independent Business/California moved to formally support Proposition 54, the California Legislature Transparency Act, and oppose Proposition 55, which extends Prop. 30 (2012) income taxes for 12 additional years.

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  • 2016-17 State Budget Raises Concerns for Small BusinessStatement by NFIB/CA State Executive Director Tom Scott in reaction to 2016-17 California State Budget passage.

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  • The Prop. 65 Payday ContinuesEach year, the California Attorney General's office is required to release an executive summary of Proposition 65 private settlements brought by trial lawyers in the state. The key takeaway every year: certain individuals and organizations collect huge sums of money by filing shakedown Prop. 65 lawsuits across the state.

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  • HALFTIME: NFIB “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” UpdateFollowing the legislative house of origin deadline last week, NFIB California reflected on victories and challenges ahead per their "The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly" bill list. Bills included in this list represent those which will have the greatest impact, either negative or positive, to our 22,000 small businesses across California.

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