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  • Filing for a Tax Extension—When Does it Make Sense?Having an extra 6 months to prepare and gather your tax information probably sounds pretty good right now. But before you file for an extension, consider the pros and cons of your decision.

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  • Are You OSHA Compliant in 2016?Keeping up with ever-changing OSHA requirements is no small task, especially with a slew of new rules for 2016. NFIB's free on-demand webinar will get you on the right track and help you avoid hefty fines for non-compliance.

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  • Reality Check: Which Legislators Are Failing Small Business?News Release--NFIB releases 2015 voting record for California legislators.

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  • Office Romance – Ignore at Your Own Risk Warns NFIBNews Release--Valentine’s Day a reminder that employers need to be aware when Cupid is in the office.

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  • Comment on Today’s State-of-the-State AddressNews Release--Governor Brown leaves small businesses still wanting.

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  • Comment on Tomorrow’s State-of-the-State AddressNews Release--California small businesses would like to hear a few things from Governor Brown.

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