Technology & Office Support

Small business technology is always changing. Find information on technology solutions, including computers, data security and mobile technology.

Computer Hardware & Software


Infographic: Busy Bodies

Amid the madness of the digital age, businesspeople try to do it all at once.


Small Business Apps for Password Management

Securing your company's secrets from hackers

Home Office


The Internet of Things Could Change How Small Businesses Operate

The interconnection of computing-like devices poses exciting opportunities -- and a few risks -- for business owners


The Do’s and Don’ts of Coworking Spaces

How to follow the unspoken rules of shared offices.

Web Development


3 Tips for Making Your Small Business Blog More SEO-Friendly

Don’t write off the importance of SEO to get your small business website atop search engine rankings.


Submit Your Best Small Business Saturday Deal Here for Free Online Publicity

Black Friday kicks off the biggest shopping weekend of the year, and Small Business Saturday offers consumers the chance to fin...

Telecommunications & Networks


5 Ways to Save Money on Your Phone Bills

Drowning in phone bills? Learn how to save money on both mobile and landline phones.


How to Use Graphics to Increase Conversions

Learn how to gain more customers by adding pictures, icons and other images to your company's website.



Small Business Travel: Managed or Unmanaged?

Travel agencies can help businesses get the best deal.


Hotels to Impress Out-of-Town Clients

Six places where clients can stay in style without draining your wallet

Data Security


Hiring an IT Consultant? Look for These Specific Qualities

Choose the right tech guru to keep your business running with these suggestions from IT consultants.


Secure Your Business from Cybercrime as Small Firms are Increasingly Targeted

Small businesses are increasingly the targets of cyber theft, with 36% of targeted attacks during the first half of 2012. Compo...

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