Estate Planning

Estate Planning


How to Sell Your Company to a Family Member Without Losing Your Shirt

Passing the business on to a relative can be relatively easily if you follow these steps.


4 Alternatives to Leaving your Business to Your Kids

If succession planning isn’t an option, consider these alternatives for an exit strategy.


Estate Planning—How Living Trusts Work

A living trust can help your heirs bypass a complicated legal process when you die, helping them settle your assets quickly and...


MyBusiness Magazine Wants to Talk to You

Request for member stories for MyBusiness magazine.


6 Steps for Family Business Succession

Of the 24 million family owned businesses in the United States, only about 30% will survive into the second generation, accordi...


3 Threats to Every Business Owner's Estate Plan

Now is the time for business owners to get serious about planning their estates. When it comes to estate and business planning,...

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