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Find resources and tips for creating and writing business plans, including sample templates and a business plan outline.

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5 Traits of High-Achieving Small Business Owners

Find out what the most successful business owners have in common


1 Question, 3 Answers: When Is the Right Time to Transition From Food Truck to Storefront?

Making the move from the street to a bricks-and-mortar location


Lessons in Discipline

Quit with the planning and the talking -- and get to work


What the Color of Your Business Says About You

The right color can say a lot about your business and motivate a customer to buy


My Weird Business: Sprayable Energy

Caffeine -- coffee, specifically --might be the lifeblood of achievers, but it doesn't always agree with them


What to Say When a Client Says ‘No’

‘No’ doesn’t have to be the final word. Here’s how to negotiate with naysaying clients.

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