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Thinking about how to start a business? You’ll need funds. And a business plan. And to incorporate. Find tips and tools on these and other important elements of starting a business.

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Infographic: Fast-Growing Industries for Small Business in 2015

There’s a lot of room for small business owners to capitalize on four industries that are set for growth this year.


How to Survive in a Dying Industry

As technology continues to evolve, some industries are more affected than others. How have these businesses survived?

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Small Business Checklist: Scouting Out a Location

Here’s your guide to finding the perfect spot for your small business.


1 Question, 3 Answers: When Is the Right Time to Transition From Food Truck to Storefront?

Making the move from the street to a bricks-and-mortar location

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When Startups Over-Promise on Kickstarter (And How You Can Avoid It)

Lessons learned on launching a successful crowdfunding campaign.


6 Lessons a Small Business Can Learn from Uber’s Triumphs—and Failures

The fast-growing car service startup has done a lot of things right. It has also made some big mistakes.

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How to Start a Bakery

You’ve decided to open a bakery – now what? Here’s how to turn your doughnuts into “dough” and create a profitable sm...


Small Biz Book Club: Growing Great Businesses

The Pumpkin Plan helped a business owner find his niche—and greater profits.

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How to Exit a Franchise

Here’s what you can expect – and what you need to do – when it’s time to sell your franchise business.


Four Hot Franchise Sectors for 2015

Is 2015 the year you'll open a franchise business? Here are four hot franchise sectors to consider.

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Eight Small Business Ideas with Big Opportunity

Are you thinking about starting your own small business, but aren’t sure where to begin? Here are eight small business ideas ...


Working from Home: Tools to Help You Succeed

Here are a few of NFIB’s favorite tools to help keep you and your team focused, accountable, and collaborative when you’re ...