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Thinking about how to start a business? You’ll need funds. And a business plan. And to incorporate. Find tips and tools on these and other important elements of starting a business.

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Start a Business

My Weird Business: Fantasy Dating

Guys can keep their Fantasy Football. One entrepreneur devised a plan to supercharge women’s love lives.

Start a Business

Shark Tank Secrets: Why Some Companies Succeed and Others Fail

These tips will help you succeed in front of potential investors.

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What Startup Culture Means for the Future of Small Biz

As workplace culture evolves, you and your company will need to adapt. We asked the experts about the implications of startup c...


3 Cool Office Spaces

Does a ping-pong table help with morale? Evidence shows that focusing on employees’ wellbeing does help with retention and re...

Business Start Up Financing »


Stop Wasting Money on These Tech Purchases

Spend your business' money on technology that actually helps your company.


Lessons from the StartUp Podcast: Season 2

The podcast from Alex Blumberg’s Gimlet Media featured the online matchmaking service Dating Ring. Here’s what small busine...

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Start a Business

A Guide to Merging Companies

Tips for making your small business merger a success


5 Lessons Your Small Business Can Learn From Costco

Hint: It's about the customer experience and retaining happy employees.

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Infographic: Franchises vs. Independent Businesses

Owning an independent business and owning a franchise are two very different things. NFIB's infographic breaks down the big dif...


5 Secrets to Franchise Success

No matter what type of franchise you own, there are a few best practices you can employ to help your business boom. Check out t...

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Start a Business

Is It Time to Move Your Home-Based Business to an Office?

Tips to help you decide where to work

Start a Business

5 Reasons Home-Based Business Owners Should Join A Small Business Association

Join NFIB to save money and time, connect with other small business owners and more!

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