Working with Family & Friends

Working with Family & Friends


Could You Run a Successful Business With Your Ex? This Couple Did.

How to survive and even succeed after splitting up with a business partner


4 Landmines to Avoid When Taking Money from Family and Friends

Sometimes, financial investment from the people you love is the only option when launching or expanding your business. Don’t ...


How to Keep Family Business Tensions in Check

Follow these six steps and your family business just might make it to the third generation.


5 Steps to Open Book Management

We show you how to make the transition to sharing financial and operational information with employees.


3 Easy Ways to Offer Employees Discounts

Check out these simple, free or low-cost ways to provide your employees with extra benefits.


5 Steps to Picking Perfect Co-Marketing Partners

Co-marketing partnerships—in which businesses both large and small combine forces in order to increase awareness about each e...

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