Independent Contractors & Consultants

Independent Contractors & Consultants


INFOGRAPHIC: How to Tap New Talent

Small business hiring continues to rise, but it can be expensive and time-consuming to bring in fresh blood


Why Small Business Owners Should Care About Employee Misclassifications

To avoid problems, consult an accountant, tax professional or tax attorney specializing in worker classification


Here Comes the Story of a Hurricane Recovery

When Marian Pierre lost her small business in Hurricane Katrina, she rebuilt it.


Small Biz Book Club: Help From Contractors

To ease the workload of launching a new business, try this.


Are Subcontractors Putting Your Business at Risk?

Why you should care about the insurance status of companies working for you.


Do Seasonal Employees Count in Obamacare?

Yes, but not always, and regulators may still tweak the details.

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