Firing & Layoffs

Firing & Layoffs


INFOGRAPHIC: What Small Business Thinks About Healthcare

Small business owners weigh in on the burdens of Obamacare.


Infographic: Small Business Economic Trends—2015 in Review

Optimism in 2015 remained well below the 42-year average. The good news? It was higher than any year since the recession.


INFOGRAPHIC: How Small Business Owners Feel About Taxes

Are taxes too high to create jobs and improve economic growth? Which ones are the worst offenders?


Infographic: Top Small Business Issues in 2016

Healthcare, regulations, financial burdens: a look at the big battles NFIB will take on for small businesses this year.


INFOGRAPHIC: “On the Wrong Track,” Says New Small Business Survey

NFIB’s newest survey reveals the biggest economic struggles facing small business owners.


Infographic: Facebook Best Practices

A look at what to expect on the social media stalwart--and how to score the best engagement for your small biz.

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