Firing & Layoffs

Firing & Layoffs


INFOGRAPHIC: Small Businesses Slow to Adopt New Technology

Most small businesses aren't using the cloud, EMV cards or mobile payments, according to a new survey.


How to Turn a Good Employee into a Great One

Improve the performance of mediocre employees by being honest with them and plotting a course for getting better.


INFOGRAPHIC: Minimum Wage Myths Busted

A look at the facts behind five common claims.


INFOGRAPHIC: How Small Businesses Can Increase Engagement on Social Media

Successful marketing on Facebook and Twitter is hard. Here’s how to get more likes, comments, shares and link clicks.


INFOGRAPHIC: Top 3 Small Business Tech Trends

Cloud computing, mobile payments, and social media are gaining popularity.


Infographic: Small Business Lending by the Numbers

Small business lending has undergone huge transformations in the last several years, in a way that has enormous, positive impli...

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