Hiring, Staffing & Workplace Issues

Find tips and tools related to small business human resources and staffing issues, including hiring and firing advice, how to handle layoffs, motivating employees and structuring your workplace.

Compensation & Benefits


INFOGRAPHIC: What Small Business Thinks About Healthcare

Small business owners weigh in on the burdens of Obamacare.


NFIB’s Small Business Guide to Creative Employee Benefits: A Free E-book

When it comes to attracting and retaining employees, cash isn't always king.

Workplace Issues & Policies


Should Your Small Business Ban Email?

Alternatives could boost your company’s creativity and productivity.


5 Tips to Avoid Legal Fallout from Workplace Romance

A Valentine's Day Warning for Small Business Owners About Your Staff and Office Romnce

Hiring and Recruiting


Should You Use Personality Tests to Hire Employees?

The XQ hiring revolution has its pros and cons.


3 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Project Manager

Is your small business struggling to rein in processes and projects? Here’s how to know when to call in a pro.

Working with Family & Friends


Video: Small Biz Marketing at a Glance

Budgets are tight. See what marketing strategies do—and don’t—work for small business owners.


Infographic: True Cost of Employee Turnover

Your employees are your greatest assets. What do you lose when they leave?

Firing & Layoffs


INFOGRAPHIC: What Small Business Thinks About Healthcare

Small business owners weigh in on the burdens of Obamacare.


Infographic: Small Business Economic Trends—2015 in Review

Optimism in 2015 remained well below the 42-year average. The good news? It was higher than any year since the recession.

Training & Retention


7 Tips for Training New Employees

Give your new hires the tools they need to excel at work.


Infographic: Franchises vs. Independent Businesses

Owning an independent business and owning a franchise are two very different things. NFIB's infographic breaks down the big dif...

Independent Contractors & Consultants


Should I Use a Freelancer or Hire an Employee?

Decide whether to hire an employee or a freelancer for your next big project with these tips.


How (and Why) Your Business Can Tap Into the Freelance Economy

More than a third of Americans work as freelancers, and they can help your business grow.

Workplace Safety


Futuristic Auto-Safety Features Are Available Now

The once imaginary car of the future could be in your driveway today.


Is Your Business Ready For a Fire?

Planning and preparation can protect your employees, customers and assets in the event of a fire emergency.




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