Staffing & Workplace Issues

Find tips and tools related to small business human resources and staffing issues, including hiring and firing advice, how to handle layoffs, motivating employees and structuring your workplace.

Compensation & Benefits


INFOGRAPHIC: Should Small Business Owners Have Maximum Rage on Minimum Wage?

The minimum wage debate is heating up in a city near you. Here’s how an increase could affect you.


What Retirement Plan Should You Offer Employees?

Four options for four different small business owners.

Workplace Issues & Policies


VIDEO: Should Small Business Owners Allow Alcohol at Work Functions?

Should Small Business Owners Allow Alcohol at Work Functions?


3 Reasons Your Employees Hate You

Nearly three in four Americans are disgruntled with their jobs—and their bosses are a big reason.

Hiring and Recruiting


The State of Women-Owned Businesses

Successful women entrepreneurs are changing the face and the pace of small business growth in the United States.


5 Things Parents Should Know About Summer Jobs [Infographic]

Here are the Do's and Don'ts of Summer Jobs

Working with Family & Friends


Could You Run a Successful Business With Your Ex? This Couple Did.

How to survive and even succeed after splitting up with a business partner


4 Landmines to Avoid When Taking Money from Family and Friends

Sometimes, financial investment from the people you love is the only option when launching or expanding your business. Don’t ...

Firing & Layoffs


3 Steps to Reversing a Turnover Trend

Improving your talent-management skills can stop an employee exodus.


How to Fire a Relative Without Getting Cut Out of the Will

Five rules to live by when terminating the employment of a relative.

Training & Retention


Transform Your Company Culture Now

Because doing so boosts employees’ enthusiasm and improves your office environment.


4 Things to Tell Your Employees About Customer Service

How to treat people well is not universally understood.

Independent Contractors & Consultants


Here Comes the Story of a Hurricane Recovery

When Marian Pierre lost her small business in Hurricane Katrina, she rebuilt it.


Small Biz Book Club: Help From Contractors

To ease the workload of launching a new business, try this.

Retirement Solutions


How to Sell Your Company to a Family Member Without Losing Your Shirt

Passing the business on to a relative can be relatively easily if you follow these steps.


Avoid These Common Legal Pitfalls with Employee Benefits

If you want to avoid the penalties and litigation associated with employee benefit plans, make sure to understand the legal ris...

Workplace Safety


How to Ace a Health Inspection… or Bounce Back from a Bad One

Make a checklist of the easy compliance areas, plus more advice for staying in the clear.


3 New OSHA Rules May Apply to Your Business

The changes may seem minor, but they could impact how you do business.



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