Hiring, Staffing & Workplace Issues

Find tips and tools related to small business human resources and staffing issues, including hiring and firing advice, how to handle layoffs, motivating employees and structuring your workplace.

Compensation & Benefits


Should Your Business Eliminate Sales Commissions?

A sales coach and small business owner weigh in on the pros and cons of commission-based pay.


Small Biz Book Club: Discovering Your Business’ Remarkability

Want to stand out from the competition? Find your business’ purple cow.

Workplace Issues & Policies


Small Biz Apps: What I’m Using Now to Stay on Task

Small business owners share their favorite productivity-boosting apps.


Office Holiday Party Do's and Don'ts

The holidays are here, and office parties are in full swing. Here’s how to make a good impression at your company party, whet...

Hiring and Recruiting


Bah Humbug: How to Avoid Holiday Burnout

Manage stress and enjoy the season with these tips.


Your Guide to Hiring Holiday Help

Here’s how your small business can boost manpower during the holiday rush.

Firing & Layoffs


Escaping a Creative Rut

Small business owners should ask themselves tough questions to gain fresh insights.


Liar, Liar, Résumé on Fire

Is a potential job candidate lying to you? Learn how to spot lies in résumés.

Training & Retention


Overcoming Employee Plateau: 4 Tips for Small Business Owners

How to motivate employees to go beyond their comfort zones


Administering Tough Love to Employees

Small business owners can't afford to tolerate bad attitudes or poor performance.

Independent Contractors & Consultants


How (and Why) Your Business Can Tap Into the Freelance Economy

More than a third of Americans work as freelancers, and they can help your business grow.


Is Using a Travel Agency Still Worth It?

Travel agencies can help businesses get the best deal.

Workplace Safety


Cybersecurity Threats Facing Small Business

Hackers often see smaller companies as easy marks


How to Ace a Health Inspection… or Bounce Back from a Bad One

Make a checklist of the easy compliance areas, plus more advice for staying in the clear.




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