Employee Reviews & Motivation

Employee Reviews & Motivation


For 2016 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist Gracie Schram, It’s All About the Music

This teen business owner is hoping to change the world, one song at a time.


How to Get the Most from Your Summer Intern

Take your time with recruiting and planning so your small business—and the student—will benefit.


Infographic: A Mixed Bag for Women Business Owners

Revenue is up, but there’s still room for improvement.


5 Surprising Business Lessons You Can Learn From Budweiser

“America” aside, the beer giant’s history is filled with successes and quick recoveries.


NFIB 2016 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner: Lily Sandler, BLAMtastic

‘Some people do not realize the immense potential and capabilities of youth,’ says Sandler, who launched her business at ag...


Is Fear Holding You Back from Business Success?

The author of "Just Shut Up and Do It: 7 Steps to Conquer Your Goals" talks about how small business owners can achieve success.

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