Lawsuits & Liability

Lawsuits & Liability


The Most Bizarre State Laws Every Business Must Know

Don’t let blue laws on telemarketing calls and sales tax hurt your business.


3 Lawsuits That Prove We Need Legal Reform

NFIB’s Small Business Legal Center shares tips for business owners seeking protection from frivolous lawsuits.


Missouri Lawmaker Introduces ‘Common Sense’ Liability Bill

A bill to protect businesses from frivolous lawsuits in product liability claims was introduced to the Missouri legislature for...


Court Cases That Could Hurt Your Small Business (Video)

Karen Harned of the NFIB Small Business Legal Center presents this webinar on what we're doing to protect your rights in the co...


Policing Employees’ Use of Social Media

Should online comments be cause for termination?


Why Small Business Owners Should Care About Employee Misclassifications

To avoid problems, consult an accountant, tax professional or tax attorney specializing in worker classification

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