Disability & Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Disability & Workers' Compensation Insurance


Supplemental Insurance Benefits Are a Valuable Employer Tool

A loaded benefits package can help attract and retain employees. Offering supplemental insurance benefits is an affordable way ...


When Does a Commute Count as Overtime?

Avoid fines and penalties by following these simple rules.


Why Small Business Owners Should Care About Employee Misclassifications

To avoid problems, consult an accountant, tax professional or tax attorney specializing in worker classification


INFOGRAPHIC: Should Small Business Owners Have Maximum Rage on Minimum Wage?

The minimum wage debate is heating up in a city near you. Here’s how an increase could affect you.


Should I Offer Disability Insurance for My Employees?

Short- or long-term disability insurance can help you compete for top talent. Here’s what you need to know before you decide ...


Liability and Employee Travel: What Can It Cost Your Small Business?

Make sure your workers and your business are protected in the event of work-related injuries during business travel.

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