Government Issues & Contracting

Find resources and tips on government issues and contracting for your business.

Government Issues & Contracting


3 Insiders’ Tips to Government Contracting

The federal government spends billions of dollars a year on private-sector contractors. You deserve a piece of that pie. There ...


Exclusive: Govs. Mary Fallin and Paul LePage Aim to Reduce Red Tape—My Business Magazine

Learn how Gov. Mary Fallin of Oklahoma and Maine Gov. Paul LePage are reducing red tape for small businesses in their respectiv...


3 Ways to Tactfully Criticize Your Competition

Here are three strategies owners can employ to differentiate their brands and criticize with tact.


What to Do When a Competitor Moves Next Door

When a competitor moves in near you, you’ll have to take extra steps to stay ahead of them. Here are four ways to take action.


4 Ways to Compete with a Big-Box Neighbor

Small businesses are hard-pressed to compete with their big-box neighbors and the name recognition that accompanies them. But y...


Small Business and the GSA: 5 Things You Should Know

In order to sell to federal agencies, it’s best to get your small business listed as a “preferred vendor” on the General ...

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