Government Issues & Contracting

Find resources and tips on government issues and contracting for your business.

Government Issues & Contracting


Policing Employees' Use of Social Media

Should online comments be cause for termination?


Why Small Business Owners Should Care About Employee Misclassifications

To avoid problems, consult an accountant, tax professional or tax attorney specializing in worker classification


INFOGRAPHIC: Should Small Business Owners Have Maximum Rage on Minimum Wage?

The minimum wage debate is heating up in a city near you. Here’s how an increase could affect you.


Zoning Laws Are Annoying

But fail to follow local zoning ordinances, and your small business could fail before it even begins.


Chicago Aldermen Expand Sunday Alcohol Sales For Large Retailers

A recent decision by the Chicago Alderman to expand Sunday alcohol sales will have a negative impact on small businesses. Learn...


Raleigh City Leaders Considering Business Sign Restriction

Proposal Could Impact Numerous Small Businesses

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