Putting ‘Cottage Food’ Businesses on the Front Burner

In the four years since it became legal in Texas to sell certain foods made in home kitchens, a burgeoning “cottage food” i...


NFIB Reacts to Assembly Passing Agriculture Overtime Mandate

We are deeply concerned with the passage of AB 1066 today and the devastating impacts this bill will have on our small, indepen...


NFIB Reacts to Senate Passing Agriculture Overtime Mandate

With the California State Senate passing Assembly Bill 1066 (Gonzalez) today, NFIB California State Executive Director Tom Scot...


Video: Get Creative in the Hiring Process to Find The Right Talent

Three outside-the-box ideas can help owners fill some nagging skill gaps.


Why NFIB Members Should Taste New York

NFIB has long supported legislation that expands opportunities for sales and tastings of products from farms and distilleries.


Congress Approves GMO Labeling Bill

Despite Some Opposition On Both Sides Of Debate, President Expected To Sign Measure

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