Budgeting & Bookkeeping

Budgeting & Bookkeeping


5 Biggest Small Business Loan Mistakes

Borrowing can help fuel growth, but these errors can damage your chances for success.


2016-17 State Budget Raises Concerns for Small Business

Statement by NFIB/CA State Executive Director Tom Scott in reaction to 2016-17 California State Budget passage.


Free Ebook: Solutions for the Big Challenges Facing Small Business

This valuable whitepaper, written by an NFIB member, covers major challenges facing business owners now and in the future and o...


How to Protect Your Products from Counterfeiters

Knockoff products not only infringe on your business, they can damage your brand’s reputation. Here’s how to stop them.


How Much Should You Pay Yourself?

It's a question every small business owner eventually asks. Unfortunately, there are no short answers or across-the-board perce...


5 Tips to Help Manage Your Small Business’ Cash Flow

Cash flow management experts weigh in about how small business owners can get the most out of their cash flow--starting today.

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