Finance & Accounting

Need help sifting through financing options for your small business? Learn about angel investors, bank loans, equity financing and alternative finance. Get accounting tips that will help you manage cash flow, determine a budget and collect payment from your customers.

Payroll Processing


Why Louisiana Needs Payroll Protection

NFIB/Louisiana supports legislation that prohibits public bodies from collecting and remitting union dues through automatic pay...


Small Business Opposes Wage Increase

NFIB/NY urges the Tipped Wage Board to recognize complexities facing small business and say no to raising the tipped minimum wage

Small Business Financing

Start a Business

4 Tips to Win Over Angel Investors

An angel investor shares his list of do’s and don’ts during a pitch.

Start a Business

When Startups Over-Promise on Kickstarter (And How You Can Avoid It)

Lessons learned on launching a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Banking & Lenders


1 Question, 3 Answers: How Much Should You Pay Yourself?

Here’s how three small business owners determine their salaries.


How to Handle Customer Discount Requests

Three small business owners discuss how they balance losing money with possibly losing a customer.

Budgeting & Bookkeeping


Are Your Digital Assets Secure?

Digital assets require special consideration during business succession and estate planning. Here’s how to protect them.


Infographic: Employee Theft

Two-thirds of small businesses fall victim to employee theft. Is your business at risk?

Credit Cards & Merchant Processing


What Your Small Business Should Know About the Upcoming Fraud Liability Changes

Come October 2015, credit card payment—and fraud liability—is changing. Here’s what you need to know.



The Four-Day Workweek: Can It Work For Your Business?

Can you get the same amount done in less time? These companies say you can.


Should Your Business Eliminate Sales Commissions?

A sales coach and small business owner weigh in on the pros and cons of commission-based pay.