Finance & Accounting

Need help sifting through financing options for your small business? Learn about angel investors, bank loans, equity financing and alternative finance. Get accounting tips that will help you manage cash flow, determine a budget and collect payment from your customers.

Payroll Processing


7 Things You May Not Know About Payroll Taxes, But Should

Payroll taxes are a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean you know all the facts.


It’s Time for Employee-Funded Disaster Relief Programs

Financial assistance programs build community among staff and promote longevity.

Small Business Financing


Everything’s Bigger in Texas

Thinking about starting a business in Dallas? You’re in luck. Venture capitalists nearly quadrupled their investments in Nort...


My Weird Small Business: Rent the Chicken

Rent a car? Sure. Rent a house? Yes. Rent poultry? Anything is possible.

Cash Flow


The State of Small Business Financing

Small business lending is picking up, but banks aren't the only lenders in town.


Cash Is Still King when It Comes to Running a Business

Creating and analyzing cash-flow projections regularly helps keep unwanted surprises at bay.

Banking & Lenders


Rhode Island Economy: Downward Revision

Although it did not seem possible, the state of the Rhode Island economy and the state's budget took a turn for the worse recen...


How to Communicate Bad Financial News to Your Angel Investor

Funders can handle lackluster reports when they haven’t been kept in the dark.

Budgeting & Bookkeeping


Deadline Pushed Off for Resolution of Toll Issue

The Assembly seems poised to delay resolution of the bridge toll issue from the current fast approaching deadline of April 1 to...


NFIB Massachusetts Says Minimum Wage Compromise will still Cause Job Losses

Director Bill Vernon said today that a compromise bill to raise the minimum wage to $10.50 per hour will still pressure small b...

Credit Cards & Merchant Processing


3 Ways to Get Paid on Time

Prevent late customer payments with these strategies.


First Bankcard Adds Value to NFIB Membership

New small business credit card is designed just for NFIB members



What Retirement Plan Should You Offer Employees?

Four options for four different small business owners.


Latest Twist in Minimum Wage Debate: Ask Voters Their Opinion

Bill calls for a non-binding referendum would ask voters if they supporting raising Illinois' minimum wage to $10.65 an hour by...


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