Finance & Accounting

Need help sifting through financing options for your small business? Learn about angel investors, bank loans, equity financing and alternative finance. Get accounting tips that will help you manage cash flow, determine a budget and collect payment from your customers.

Payroll Processing


Small Business Opposes Wage Increase

NFIB/NY urges the Tipped Wage Board to recognize complexities facing small business and say no to raising the tipped minimum wage


7 Things You May Not Know About Payroll Taxes, But Should

Payroll taxes are a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean you know all the facts.

Small Business Financing


Which Crowdfunding Website Is Best for Your Business?

You’ve heard of Kickstarter, but a smaller, more targeted site might be a better fit for your small business.


Government Grants You Don’t Know About

These overlooked funding sources could help your small business or startup.

Banking & Lenders


Small Business Book Club: "Growing a Business"

Find your market and create a scalable business model before raising capital—these lessons helped this small business owner b...


1 Question, 3 Answers: What’s Your Biggest Business Mistake?

Here’s how three small business owners turned things around after big mistakes.

Budgeting & Bookkeeping


Infographic: Employee Theft

Two-thirds of small businesses fall victim to employee theft. Is your business at risk?


A Small Business Guide to Bartering

You don’t always have to pay cash. Learn how your small business can trade one product or service for another.

Credit Cards & Merchant Processing


Cybersecurity Threats Facing Small Business

Hackers often see smaller companies as easy marks



Should Your Business Eliminate Sales Commissions?

A sales coach and small business owner weigh in on the pros and cons of commission-based pay.


Small Biz Book Club: Discovering Your Business’ Remarkability

Want to stand out from the competition? Find your business’ purple cow.


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