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Small Business in the Courts

NFIB is involved in several Supreme Court cases during the 2014 term.


Save Over $5,000 With Your NFIB Member Benefits

As an NFIB member, you can easily offset the cost of your membership, and much more, by taking advantage of the many programs t...


‘Ban-the-Box’ Laws on the Rise

Concerns over workplace security grow as employers are prevented from conducting pre-interview background checks.

2014 Elections

Mia Love Takes a Stand

Congressional candidate Mia Love of Utah makes a ‘moral case’ for business ownership.


NFIB Looks Ahead to the 2015 Congressional Session

Tax and regulatory reform remain top priorities for small business.

NFIB Member

Election 2014 Spotlight: NFIB Member Stewart Mills Runs for Congress

This congressional candidate and NFIB Member is looking to take on big government.

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