What Small Business Owners Are Reading Now

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To Be Successful, You must Act Successful

This book nails everything that someone striking out on their own comes across, and it clues the average person in to why successful people are the way they are. It helps you identify your bad habits and change them right away.

—Rich Storm, owner of NY Photo NY

Contractors Can Be Vital to Start-Ups

The author’s idea is that you can hire part-time and remote personnel, and that was a huge light bulb for me. I’m getting higher quality work done in less time, and I’m not paying for downtime.

—Anthony Codispoti, co-founder and business director of Activist Eyewear

Customer Service Skills I Learned from Starbucks

The one thing that really came through in the book was how [Starbucks] treats its customers. We’ve always tried to go above and beyond, to make sure customers are well taken care of, happy when they leave. But in the book, they talk about how that’s not good enough. You need to do more.

—Keith Miller, owner of Bubbly Paws Dog Wash

Entrepreneurial Spirit: How I Learned to Focus ON My Business, Not IN It

The ultimate goal is to become what the author calls the “Entrepreneur,” where you are not involved with the day-to-day activities very much. You can concentrate on the vision; you can concentrate on the strategy of how to grow the business.

—Tim Thoelecke, president of InOut Labs

Why Good Customer Service is Providing Emotional Fulfillment

The author tells small business owners that although they can’t necessarily provide a product or service for all of their customers’ needs, they can work to understand and address customers’ “unmet wants.” The same is true for employees. They, too, have unmet wants, such as wanting to have passion for what they do.

—Virginia Lenneville, owner of VJ Books

Taking the Right Steps Today for Greatness Tomorrow

The book teaches readers that it’s not an overnight job to take your business from good to great. Rather, to succeed, it takes several consistent small steps that get you to your business goal, not one thing that gives you a big break. It was a lesson that I had to hear.

—Alexis Davis, CEO of Hoo-Kong.com