Search for clues on NFIB.com between June 1 and July 15 and you could win …

  • $50 VISA gift card (one winner every day!)
  • iPhone 5*
  • $1,000 VISA gift card**

*one winner in June
**one winner in July 

How to Play 

1. Find the daily question right here at www.NFIB.com/buckhunting.
2. Search NFIB.com for the answer.
3. Email your answer to [email protected].
4. You’re automatically entered to win the daily $50 VISA gift card, and the monthly prize.

Subject to full official rules.

SPONSOR: National Federation of Independent Business, Nashville, TN.

Daily Winners


June 1st:  Richard R. from Michigan

June 2nd: Eric M. from Pennsylvania

June 3rd: David F. from Montana

June 4th: Benjamin V. from Pennsylvania

June 5th: Brent H. from Illinois

June 6th: Kevin D. from California

June 7th: Mike B. Iowa

June 8th: Paula P. from Pennsylvania

June 9th: Nicole V. from Pennsylvania

June 10th: Richard V. M. from Virginia

June 11th:Keith D. from Florida

June 12th: Benjamin V. from Pennsylvania

June 13th: Byron H. from Wisconsin

June 14th: Francis S. from Wisconsin

June 15th: Phil P. from Wisconsin **iPhone5 Winner**

June 16th: Mark T. from Virginia

June 17th: Duane M. from Iowa

June 18th: Shannan G. from Arizona

June 19th: Stephanie G. from Ohio

June 20th: Kate H. from Florida

June 21st: Destiny D. from California

June 22nd: Michael M. from Mississippi

June 23rd: Steven D. from California

June 24th: Sara M. from Minnesota

June 25th: Christina Z. from Ohio

June 26th: Melissa S. from Nebraska

June 27th: Destiny D. from California

June 28th: Christina Z. from Ohio

June 29th: Mary R. from Florida

June 30th: Cynthia H. from Texas

July 1st: Stephanie D. from Washington

July 2nd: Francis S. from Wisconsin

July 3rd: Charles W. from Washington

July 4th: Byron H. from Wisconsin

July 5th: Roberta K. from Wisconsin

July 6th: Christopher L. from California

July 7th: Deanna H. from Washington

July 8th: Timothy C. from Texas

July 9th: Brian D. from Washington

July 10th: Linda C. from Maryland

July 11th: John G. from Florida

July 12th: Diane D. from North Carolina

July 13th: Mark T. from Virginia

July 14th: Nicole V. from Pennsylvania

July 15th: Richard M. from Iowa **$1,000 VISA gift card winner**


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