Workers' Compensation

Author: Michelle Orrock Date: March 01, 2011

Back in 2003 and 2004, our legislators were able to put aside their partisan differences and accomplish some great reforms to the workers’ compensation system in California. By 2007, these reforms saved California taxpayers nearly $2 billion through cost reductions for state and local governments.  Rolling back the bipartisan reforms would be devastating for California small businesses and employees, leading to higher premiums and unemployment.

In 2009, NFIB defeated two bills that would have dramatically increased disability benefits leading to a 30 percent increase in workers’ compensation insurance premiums.  NFIB led the legal battle against two court cases that threatened to rollback the 2004 reforms by eliminating the objective standards for evaluation of injuries and determination of disability benefits. NFIB will continue to defend the reforms and holding the line against union and lawyer-backed attempts to skim more from the system.

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