Workers' Comp. in Legislature's Crosshairs

Date: December 03, 2013

The 2014 legislative session will see attempts to tinker with Colorado’s already smooth-running workers compensation program. Attempts will be made to change:

  • The way a provider is chosen for treatment of an injured worker.
  • Increasing the amount of an award by 50 percent should an injury be attributable to an unsafe working condition.
  • A list of conditions required to be in place prior to an employee and employer entering into a separation agreement due to an injury.

NFIB/Colorado is hesitant to any change to the current system, because rates paid by Colorado employers have been among the lowest in the nation. Proponents of the changes have yet to offer empirical evidence of obstacles faced by employees with the above three areas. Low workers compensation rates equate to greater job creation, because cost savings to employers result in reinvestment, expansion, and new jobs for small businesses.


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