What Question Would You Ask?

Date: August 27, 2013

NFIB’s reputation as the true Voice of Small Business comes first and foremost from its state and federal member ballots. Results from these annual polls center NFIB’s lobbying positions in both Washington D.C. and in Santa Fe.

The results are communicated to the media throughout New Mexico and are used in legislative testimony in support of the small-business agenda. Many legislators and administration officials also use them to support policies and viewpoints they hold.

NFIB/New Mexico State Director Minda McGonagle invites members to send her their thoughts on some of the most pressing small-business issues facing New Mexico for possible inclusion in the 2014 New Mexico Member State Ballot. Click here to read the results from this year’s ballot to get an idea of what was on members’ minds. You can also click the graphic to the left to read background information on each question.

Have any of those issues changed? What new ones have cropped up? Is an old issue resurfacing?  Join in the discussion, send Minda an email.

NFIB is regarded as one of the most credible associations in the nation, because it knows of what it speaks, and that is only on issues affecting the bottom lines and solvency of Main Street, mom-and-pop small businesses. We do not take stands on social or foreign policy issues that would detract from the small-business agenda.

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